About us

We started our creative journey as graphic designers over 10 years ago. From illustration, logos and merchandise for our clients, to doing what we really love every day… designing our streetwear range!

Living in a share house, we have solved many a world problem over corn chips and cocktails. But one thing that came up strong…. how hard it was to find decent streetwear that we actually wanted to wear. We couldn’t find t-shirts that were classy and trendy. And we wanted a mix of comfort, a good fit, quality and taste.

That was the dawning of Bobby Westwood.

The name

Bobby Westwood is a combination of our names and locations at the time.

The aim

To create streetwear that we would love to wear, and that other young women would feel great wearing as well.

We hope you love living your life in our gear as much as we love designing it!

Thank you for joining us on our journey.